Samsoor Laghman's traditional annual spring parade was held

ثلاثاء, مايو 21 2024 11:19 صباحا

Monday  (11th of Zul Qada 1445) Samsoor Laghman's traditional annual spring festival, which was held at Siraj Historical Fort in the center of Mehtarlam city, on the initiative of the Department of Information and Culture of Laghman.
 in addition to Governor Maulvi Sher Ahmad Haqqani, the officials of different agencies of the province, the director and managers of Roshan Telecommunications Company in the eastern zone, poets, writers, culturalists, journalists and youths of Laghman and several provinces participated.
Head of Information and Culture Maulvi Abdul Noor Rasooli welcomed the participants of the festival and gave them information about the start of the festival.
He thanked the provincial administration and Roshan Telecommunication Company, who cooperated with them in security, order, and financial areas.

The governor of Laghman, Maulvi Sher Ahmad Haqqani, called it very important to create such a festival. He talked about the importance and characteristics of poetry from the Islamic point of view We should write poems, we should bring words for the brotherhood and unity of Muslims in the poems, and we should avoid writing controversial poems.

The participants of the festival thanked the Department of Information and Culture, which is working on such programs to convey the harmony, unity, and positive thoughts of the youth.

Later, poets from different regions presented their poems and ghazal in support, defense, and development of the society.

In addition to the festival, a book exhibition was held to promote the culture of study, and an art exhibition was also held to show the beauty of the arts.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the festival, provincial officials and poets were presented with gifts by the Roshan Telecommunication Company in the eastern zone.


تازه ترین اخبار

ثلاثاء, يوليو 16 2024 3:45 مساء
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تولي الإمارة الإسلامية اهتماماً خاصاً بالشباب

 يوم الاثنين (9 محرم الحرم 1446)، إلتقى نائب وزير لشؤون النشر بوزارة الإعلام والثقافة ونائب والي لمحافظة هرات مولوي حياة الله مهاجر فراهي، ،مع مولوي عبد المتين عادل، مدير شؤون الشباب. . .

سبت, يوليو 13 2024 4:03 مساء
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تم اجتماع بخصوص تعريف نائب وزيرللشؤون السياحة والمالية والإدارة

يوم السبت (7 محرم الحرام 1446هـ)، تم إجراء اجتماع بخصوص تعريف نائب وزيرلشؤون السياحة والمالية، والإدارية بوزارة الإعلام والثقافة مولوي قدرة الله جمال، وشارك فى الاجتماع رئيس العام. . .

جمعة, يوليو 12 2024 6:57 صباحا
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أفغانستان وطن مشترك لجميع شعوب الأفغاني

يوم الخميس (5 محرم الحرام 1446هـ)، إلتقى معالي وزير وزارة الإعلام والثقافة الحاج ملا خير الله خيرخواه، في مكتبه، بأعضاء جمعية تنسيق  الكوادر الأفغانية في الخارج . 

وفي هذا اللقاء أشار. . .