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Sun, Jun 04 2023 1:34 PM
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Sixteen Ancient and Archaeological sites have been discovered in Baraki District of Baghlan

On Saturday (2023/6/3) 16 ancient and archeological sites were discovered in Baraki district of Baghlan province by archaeologists of Ministry of Information and Culture and Department of Information and Culture of Baghlan.
Moulvi Izat Mir Haqqani, the Manager of Culture and Tourism of the Department of Information and Culture of Baghlan, who visited Baraki district with archaeologists, says that. . .

Sun, Jun 04 2023 9:26 AM
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A Monthly Meeting of Coordination and Integration of Youth Was Held

A monthly youth coordination and integration meeting was held in Helmand by the Department of Information and Culture, in which the Manager of Information Moulavi Muhammad Qasim Riaz,. . .