Cultural Deputy Minister

Short Biography of Mohammad Rasul Bawary


Name: Mohammad Rasul

Last name: Bawary

Date of birth: 11/05/1957

Place of birth: Dhrawoot District

Province: Uruzgan

Marital status: Married

Members of family: (Wife, two sons and one daughter)


Master in History of Afghanistan, Kabul University 1983-1985

Bachelor in History, Kabul University 1975- 1978

Graduated from school, 1963- 1979


1)      From 18 January 2017 till now Deputy Cultural and Acting Minister of Information and Culture,

2)      2016 Professor in Archeology Department of Kabul University,

3)      2012- 2014 Rector of Shaikh Zayed University in Khost province.

4)      2010- 2012 newly appointed in archeology department of Kabul University,

5)      2008- 2010 Director of history section in the Curriculum Office of the Ministry of Education,

6)      2004 – 2008 Professor in Groningen governmental University of Nederland,

7)      2008 migration to Nederland,

8)      1981- 1997 professor of archeology department, Faculty of Social Sciences Kabul University,

Under the principle and rule of the Ministry of Higher Education Professor Mohammad Rassoul was upgraded to the highest academic degree of doctorate

Printed works:

1)      Da Roshanyano Ghorzang (the bachelor monograph) in 1979.

2)      Principles and Researches of Archaeology, Kabul University 1982.

3)      Archeology of the Neighboring Countries, Kabul University 1985.

4)      Archeology of Middle East, Kabul University 1986. 

5)      Principles and Reconstruction of Ancient Monuments, Kabul University 1987.

6)      Afghanistan in Ancient Time, State-ran Printing Press, 1988,

7)      Archeology of area (Digs Method), Kabul University 1989.

8)      Archeology, methods and national museum 1390.

9)      Archeology of prime civilization of Afghanistan.

10)      Museum recognition and visiting museum in Afghanistan, Dispik community journal 1990.

11)   Archeology, practical ways, the Afghanistan cultural improvement association 2002.

12)   Outline of Archeology in Afghanistan. 1999. Assen: Nederland.

13)   Samenewerken of in Drenth.2003. Aseen: Nederland Archeology.

14)   Archeology and investigation on museums in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan cultural improvement association 2007.

15)   Ancient Afghanistan, update to writers of Midan Wardak province, to apple verse honer 2009.

16)   Ancient world (translation the collection of articles), to Paktia recognition seminar 1010.

17)   World cultural heretics in Afghanistan and neighbor countries.

18)   Basics of Archeology, publication director, Ministry of higher education 2013.

19)   50 pages of Afghanistan history, Ministry of information and culture 2015.

20)   More than 300 articles in Afghanistan and abroad of country that published in Websites and Publications.